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Newsbeat Developments adopts a creative and flexible approach to accommodate your individual web development and design requirements. By fusing keen strategic insight, compelling interactive design and powerful technology expertise we create successful strategic business and interactive solutions for a broad client-base.

Our business model is based upon the formation of a partnership with the client. This partnership includes consulting, design and development, marketing, process administration, web hosting and transaction security.

Clients can choose anything from a simple Web presence to a complex database CMS solution.

Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Newsbeat Developments services include:

We examine your company's positioning in relation to its competitors on the Web and how your existing business model can be tailored to provide maximum return on investment from your investments.

The development cycle is completed with fulfilment services - while the Internet might be a virtual market place, in reality the cycle actually ends at the customer's door.

We never lose sight of the fact that one-to-one contact is crucial!

Empowering consumers through the internet Joomla or WordPress

E-commerce has gone a long way in empowering consumers through the internet.

Through their websites and online advertisements, businesses can communicate with their clients, provide information on new products and complete sales.

Consumer forums and features which allow consumers to give feedback and comments regarding products and services have conferred on the customer more say, so that withecommerce, customers are able to contribute to the making of the right product for them and having a say on how services are delivered. This is good for the customer and the vendor/producer.